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9 Weight Loss Tips That Aren’t Diet & Exercise

Embarking on a weight loss journey should be an exciting and empowering time. However, starting a new diet and workout regimen can be difficult and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are other effective ways to start losing weight and prevent weight gain in the future. Here are 9 tips to lose weight without diet and exercise.

Get Better Sleep

Getting less than the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night is linked to a multitude of side effects, including weight gain. Forming a sleep schedule is one of the easiest ways to help manage your weight.

Reduce Your Stress

Long-term stress raises your cortisol levels, leading your body to accumulate and hold onto more fat. Activities such as exercise, meditation and yoga have proven to be effective in helping reduce stress.

Dispose of Distractions

Make meal time JUST meal time. Focus on your food and try to refrain from checking emails, answering texts, or scrolling social media while you eat.

Brush Your Teeth After You Eat

After eating, you still have the taste of food in your mouth, which often leads people to eat more even if they are full. Brushing your teeth will serve as a mental cue that mealtime is over.

Have A Strict Budget

Next time you’re off to the store, try going with a hard budget in mind and a grocery list in hand. Having a strict budget while grocery shopping can prevent unplanned treats and junk food from making their way into your home. A written list will encourage you to move between aisles with a purpose, getting you in and out of the store faster.

Keep A Food Journal

Keeping a food journal is a great way to help you understand your eating habits. A food journal should log the what, how much, when, where, and emotion behind everything you eat. This will not only help you reflect on your food choices, but also help you better understand your relationship with food.

Disconnect From Electronics

Giving your mind a break from the constant stimulation we’ve all become accustomed to will reduce stress, and may help your brain to better connect with yourself and what you’re feeling.

Take A Selfie

It’s hard to see results when you look in the mirror every day. Photos provide concrete evidence of progress, making it easier to see just how far you’ve come. Taking full body selfies on a regular basis can help motivate you to stay on track.

Consider Other Health Factors

Medical conditions and the medications that treat them can influence the body’s ability to lose weight. If you think this might be the case for you, talk with your doctor or dietitian.


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