Green Coffee Bean Platinum


100% pure Green Coffee Bean extract. A high potency, all-natural weight loss supplement, endorsed by Dr. Oz.

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  • Proven to increase metabolism, improve your body’s ability to burn fat as well as inhibiting the absorption of fat, allowing for maximum results.
  • Green coffee maintains healthy blood-sugar levels and is a powerful, antioxidant that supports anti-aging and good health.
  • Contains only 20mg of caffeine per dose – lose weight without feeling jittery or raising your heart rate.
  • 30 capsules each bottle. Each 1 capsule serving has 800mg of 100% pure, premium Green Coffee Bean extract.
  • For maximum results it is recommended that you use Green Coffee Bean Platinum for at least 2 months (4 Bottles).

Green Coffee Bean Platinum is the highest potency, purest Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement available, designed to help you eliminate fat and lose weight without harmful side effects. Containing only 100% pure, premium Green Coffee Bean extract, this high potency weight loss formula will help you shed pounds fast, safe and effectively. Dr Oz recently spoke of the amazing weight loss benefits of Green Coffee Bean extract and test subjects on his show were able to lose weight even without diet or exercise.

Research has shown that Green Coffee Bean extract is considered to be not only one of the safest natural supplements for burning fat, but also one of the most effective. A recent study showed subjects taking the formula in Green Coffee Bean Platinum averaged a loss of 10% of their body weight and a 16% reduction in body fat – simply from the addition of this daily supplement. Green Coffee Bean Platinum works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body and boosts the burning of fat in the liver. These two mechanisms inhibit the absorption of fat and, at the same time, accelerate weight loss by boosting the metabolism and fat burning.

Unlike many other diet supplements, Green Coffee Bean extract does not rely on caffeine to help you lose weight. Green Coffee Bean only has around 20mg of caffeine per serving (a cup of coffee has over 100mg). Because it is not a stimulant, it won’t make you jittery or raise your heart rate like other diet supplements. With it’s pure, high potency formula, Green Coffee Bean Platinum is far ahead of other brands and is considered by many weight loss experts to be the most effective Green Coffee Bean extract formula available for losing weight and burning fat.